Beach Bubble Bracelet, Round - Rose Bronze

  • $68.00

At first light, at low tide, in the early morning along the beach, Nature dishes up a phenomena at that sweet spot where the water flows over then ebbs back over the undisturbed sand. Here the sea water trickles down, fills the tiny air gaps between the grains of sand below and pushes the air upward to the surface creating bubbles in the sand, masses of them. Quickly dried by the sun or washed over with a rising tide, these bubbles don't last long. 

This cause and effect exchange between air and water on a quiet morning beach at sunrise was the inspiration for our Beach Bubble collection. We created our own bubbles, captured and cast them into metal then spread them across a collection of bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants to remind you of your favorite beach on a quiet morning at low tide.

This sweet little bubble bracelet of solid rose bronze offers glorious texture from the smooth heart ends to the bubble top surface. Fits in perfectly dressed up or down.  Polished to a mirror finish. Adjustable. Also available Squared



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