Brass Puka Key Ring

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Imagine walking along a tropic beach, looking down and finding the perfect Puka shell resting at your feet. Do you pluck it from its sandy home, stash in your short’s pocket and call it a souvenir? Or do you fear the bad Karma and keep walking? 

What if we told you this sea charm may actually bring you good fortune? It's even been said the closer to perfect the Puka shell, the higher quality luck it will bring. And this one is pretty perfect. No pits, cracks or jagged edges. You’re enticed by its spirals aren't you? See how they travel inward toward that perfectly round, naturally-formed hole…. Oy! Such a conundrum!

Well, before you start opening stash seams in your boardshorts, take a look what we did for you:

We found the perfect Puka shell. We spied it, along with many less-than-perfect Pukas, at our favorite beach in Costa Rica. Too inspired to just leave it and walk on, we borrowed the little treasure, whisked it to our studio, fabricated a perfect mold, then quickly returned the shell back to the same beach, faster than you can say, “High Tide.”   

We’re not proud of our slight misdeed, but will confess, after casting the first replica, we were stunned by the results. In metal this enchanting 1.25" diameter shell is even more enticing. It’s weighty. Silky. Shines. Won’t crack, crush or chip.

Our inspired plan to borrow, honor then return the precious puka shell now complete, we then added a small hole, slipped in a stainless steel split ring, attached it to a larger, flat bronze split ring and declared our luck charm the Perfect Puka Key Ring.

So now, whenever you’re restless or bored, your fingers can trace those silky spirals, smooth edges enabling you to tap those mystical Puka powers knowing your Karma is intact and great fortune is coming your way.

This highly polished large Non-Tarnish Brass puka comes to you dangling on a flat, bronze 1-3/8" diameter key key ring. Also available in Rose Bronze.  

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