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"I shop all over the world to find unusual jewelry for my gift shop at Pranamar Villas in Costa Rica ( yet no matter how far I travel nothing sells as well as Phyllis Warman's renowned bracelets. My guests go crazy over them and I can't keep up with the demands!"--Susan Money, Owner, Pranamar Villas, Costa Rica  

"Phyllis Warman's high-quality jewelry is a big hit here at Horizon Hotel ( People from all over the world have already bought a piece of this beautiful jewelry, as a gift for themselves or for someone they love. They like the fact it is made with real gemstones, that they are hand made and come with a great customer service as Phyllis is always there for her clients. Looking forward to seeing her new metal jewelry designs. Keep on going with your great work!"--Gali Geller, Owner/Manager, Hotel Horizon, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

"Phyllis Warman's jewelry is a trend here in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Locals wear them and the tourists love to have them as a memory of their trip. They can be worn in a carefree way on the beach and also look contemporary in the city. The gemstones feel good against ones skin and there is a color to suit everyone. We have many people that come into Art and Soul Gallery who are specifically looking for this jewelry which is for sale at a few select shops in the village. Many times people check out all of the shops to find their perfect bracelet because there are no two alike. Phyllis makes them by hand with creativity and care. We always look forward to her new collections each season."--- Kristine Ritchie, Owner, Art & Soul Gallery, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

"I own a number of Phyllis Warman bracelets and they are all magnificent . This one is no exception. Crafted meticulously with care and perfection. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. It is a unique piece of art and I am always completely on these gorgeous and unusual bracelets." ---Lorri G, (Delray Beach, FL)

"I absolutely LOVE the jewelry that Phyllis designs and creates! She really cares about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every piece she makes. I know I will enjoy her jewelry for many, many years. She is a true artist."---Sue H. (Carlsbad, CA) 

"Every time I where my Phyllus Warman bracelet I receive compliments. Not only is it my favorite bracelet, it brings back wonderful memories of Costa Rica! 
Thanks again for creating such beautiful jewelry but having amazing costumer service too." ---Daniel R. (Malibu, CA)

“Exotic, unique & personal describes the elegant pieces made by Phyllis. Each of them is painstakingly made by hand and therefore an original. The piece is further enhanced by an antique button and it was this personal element to her jewellery which has made me a devotee of her work. I have purchased several pieces for myself and my daughter and we are thrilled with them. The quality and colours of the semi-precious stones with the unusual buttons ensures my personal attachment to each piece." --Julie J. (London/Costa Rica)

"As soon as I saw her amazing new jewelry designs I ordered a sapphire bracelet from Phyllis Warman's website that I absolutely love! Once it arrived It was a little large because I have small wrists. When I asked her to resize it for me she was happy to alter it. She also created beautiful sapphire earrings to match with the gems she removed from the bracelet! Thank you so much Phyllis!"---Janet M. (McCall, ID)

"I was in Costa Rica last year when I came across an art gallery that had Phyllis' beautiful jewelry displayed. I'm not one to wear jewelry especially a bracelet but this piece was one of a kind. It was something that I had to have. It's the perfect gift to myself that will always remind me of Costa Rica. Thank you Phyllis, thank you for creating such beautiful and original pieces. it definitely is a work of art."---Patrick B. (Ukiah, CA)

"Phyllis Warman is an amazing jewelry designer. I have two of her bracelets, both are uniquely beautiful including a tri-wrap Jade piece that friends ask me about every time I put it on. My husband, daughter and two sons also have their own special pieces that they purchased at Hotel Horizon in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. There are so many different coloured gemstones and gorgeous buttons that choosing just one isn't easy.  My daughter and I also have anklets that we love to wear together."---Samantha T. (Edmonton AB, Canada)

"I love my bracelet. I love Phyllis." ---Ronette B. (Santa Monica, CA)

"How thrilled I am with the bracelets Lee and I have bought from Phyllis. I love them so much that I have taken the bracelet meant for men--which Lee bought--and am wearing it as an anklet. Both my bracelet and my new anklet (tee hee) have become staples I wear everyday."---Caryn G. (Victoria BC, Canada)

"I absolutely love Phyllis Warman's unique and beautiful jewelry. Each bracelet or anklet is individually created and finished with a beautiful button clasp. I receive so many compliments on my bracelet and have enjoyed giving them as gifts to my special friends. I look forward to buying one of her new necklaces!"---Rita D. (Block Island, RI)

"The jewelry that Phyllis creates are true works of art. Not only are the gorgeous gemstones strikingly and artfully composed into the piece, but the antique metal buttons are treasures unto themselves. Unique, rare and beautiful!"---Margaret K. (Seattle, WA)

"Phyllis Warman's jewelry designs are unique, comfortable and one of a kind. The buttons themselves are a statement that anchors each individual piece. Also, her customer service is outstanding."---Rose K. (Seattle, WA)

"Phyllis' jewelry is one-of-a-kind. I purchased a beautiful wrap bracelet while in Costa Rica. Her jewelry is hand made & beautifully designed. Each piece unique. I fell in love with her whole collection making it very difficult to choose only one piece. I get so many compliments every where I go." ---Adele M. (Manhattan Beach, CA/Costa Rica)

"Phyllis makes such beautiful treasures! She uses fantastic gemstones--each bracelet is different from the next, all unique, with great attention to detail -- and, oh, those buttons! My collection grows every year."---Diana N. (Jericho, VT)

"Phyllis Warman makes wonderful, one-of-a-kind, handmade and unique bracelets. Each piece is different and you can find just the piece you want with different gemstones and lovely vintage buttons. They are easy to wear and feel great on. Luckily Phyllis lives here in Santa Teresa part of the year and I have acquired a few special pieces. Thanks Phyllis."---Bobi T. (Costa Rica)

"My Phyllis Warman bracelet was hand made for my wedding anniversary. It is one of my most treasured pieces of jewellery xxxxxxx"---Dahlia N. (London, England)

"Phyllis Warman makes beautiful jewelry. They are unique and you can not find it anywhere else. The quality of the stones are gorgeous. I really enjoy my pieces every time you wear them. I get many compliments on them. High quality craftsmanship. I can't wait to get my next piece"---Sonia L. (Santa Cruz, CA

"Phyllis Warman Jewelry has been my go-to accessory for over four years with nearly every outfit and occasion. The craftsmanship utilized in the creation of her jewelry is long lasting and my bracelets look the same as they did years ago when I received them. The unique beadwork and closure buttons make all of her jewelry statement pieces. I've ensured all of my friends and family have a piece from Phyllis and even recently had a bracelet designed for my wedding day. I'm so excited to wear the new piece! If your thinking of purchasing, don't hesitate one minute as you'd be lucky to own a piece of her collection! Love you!"---Sam G. (San Diego, CA) 

"I absolutely love my bracelet made by Phyllis Warman. This bracelet has become a part of me, I literally never take it off. I am not one to change my jewelry with my outfits and when I choose to wear a piece it has to be as durable as I am active. I pretty much live on the beach, this bracelet held up to the ocean, sand & sun and pool for 11 months. I abused my bracelet by wearing it in chlorine for so long and it needed to be remade. Phyllis remade my bracelet and warned me of the harshness chlorine has on the cotton cord. I still wear it everyday, but I do take it off now before I go into chlorinated pools. Thank you Phyllis your work is fabulous."---Maryann P. (Costa Rica)

"I absolutely love my pieces that I have purchased from PWarman Jewelry. The one-of-a-kind designs are unique, as are the vintage buttons. Phyllis is a talented artist with a natural vibe that shines through in her creativity. Let me add that the customer service is just as lovely as the designs. I wear mine proudly. Don't hesitate, get yourself one of these great quality, unique pieces!"---C Stevens Costa Rica/Florida

"I just love my black onyx bracelet hand made with love by Phyllis Warman .... I get so many compliments and I never take it off!!! Beautiful bracelets! Thanx Phyllis"---Shelley M. (Victoria BC, Canada)

"Bought this for my niece who loves turtles. She loved it!!" --Kelly K. (Waynesburg, PA)

"My sister loved it. Thanks for helping me get it to her in a timely fashion" --Rebecca H.

"Love it. Especially the vintage metal flower button!!" --Kelly K.

"Love!"--Jenifer B.



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