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Inspired by the relaxed lifestyle and shifting colors of Costa Rica's exotic Pacific coast, the richly majestic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, and the radiant, sun-drenched beaches of Southern California, Phyllis Warman Jewelry Designs are both casual and sophisticated. Fans call it “organic,” “zen” and “bohemian”—and have been known to purchase pieces right off the wrist, ankle or neck of Creator, Phyllis Warman.

Each elegant piece is skillfully hand made using the finest ingredients from nature including precious and semi-precious gemstones, 100% cotton and 100% leather cords, sterling silver chains and quality metals like Sterling Silver, Rose Bronze and Brass. Gemstones are natural and of the highest quality. Phyllis hand selects each and every gemstone until all the components of each bracelet line up evenly and beautifully. 

Antique and Vintage Buttons
What sets our jewelry apart and makes each piece an artistic statement and one-of-a-kind keepsake are the exquisite, collectable-quality antique and vintage button closures. Many of our buttons date back as far as the 1800s, some are made using porcelain from China's Ming Dynasty while others boast the whimsy style of 1940s France or 1970s America. The vast array of button designs and styles we collect will surprise you. We are always adding to our collection and hunt particular buttons by request for our custom designs.
We enjoy a loyal following of customers who've sent us buttons from their own family collections from which we made uniquely custom bracelets to be cherished.


Customized by Gemstone

Some customers seek the mystic or healing powers they believe gemstones deliver. For them Phyllis personally designs bracelets to help with health issues, emotionally-charged times or empower them with the supportive properties many believe certain gemstones deliver. Some, perhaps more sentimental customers, simply want a bracelet made using their birthstone or birthstones of loved ones. We offer personal assistance to help our customers navigate their way through the many material and design options we offer until their unique, personalized keepsake is completed and shipped. 


About The Designer

Phyllis Warman

Ella vive y trabaja en dos mundos. (She lives and works in two worlds.)

Phyllis Warman divides her time between Seattle, Washington and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica—a Pacific coast beach town that reminds her of the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, where she grew up. It was in Santa Teresa—at the edge of a tropical jungle—that Phyllis launched Phyllis Warman Jewelry Design in 2011. 




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