The Power of Turquoise

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Is turquoise a shade of blue, a shade of green, or a combination of the two? Whatever the case, the stone’s vibrant color is only enhanced by the inclusion of its host rock, which appear as dark lines, webbing or patches within the mineral.

“The god of the sky alive in the earth,” a phrase Native Americans used to describe turquoise, captures the marriage of the two colors, blue-green representing the sky and brown-black representing the earth. Turquoise is an ancient stone, used decoratively by Egyptians, the Chinese, the Aztecs, and Incans, because it symbolized protection, power, good luck, strength and immortality.

For those who experience physical exhaustion, turquoise can help renew their energy and strength. It can also diminish problems with ears, eyes, throat and head, including headaches, sore throats and ear infections. Those who suffer from allergies and bronchial issues can experience relief by wearing turquoise because of its detoxifying qualities.

 Not only does turquoise bolster one’s physical state, it also helps stabilize one’s mood and emotions. Because of its purifying qualities, the stone pushes away negative thought and soothes a mind at war with itself. It also encourages people to be more understanding and forgiving of one’s self and others, to acknowledge the causes of unhappiness and happiness, to let go of past transgressions, and focus on feeling and sharing love.


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