The Power of Onyx

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Intense and multifaceted are two words that capture the essence of black onyx. When you look at onyx closely, you notice there is complexity and depth to its darkness. Then, when you step back and see a piece of onyx jewelry worn with articles of clothing in primary colors, you realize how stunning the combination can be because the black draws attention to the color behind it.

Because black represents the absence of light, it holds all colors. What white illuminates, black covers and cloaks. While white shines a light on the truth, black keeps the truth hidden. If white represents purity and innocence, does that mean that black represents complexity and experience?

Symbolically, the color black symbolizes the mystery of the unknown, night, and our deepest secrets. We dye our hair black to make a statement about our state of being, and we wear black to hide aspects of our physical and emotional being. Black can provide a person comfort and security because it can mask our insecurities, lack of self-confidence and our vulnerability.

On a physical and emotional level, onyx is a stone that protects. A person who wears onyx can experience an improvement in one’s hearing and vision, as well as a boost in one’s immune system. People who wear it have been able to combat kidney and liver disease, as well as skin issues like rashes, infections and sunburn. The strength of one’s teeth and bone structure also gets stronger because of the stone’s protective qualities. Blood health can also improve, because onyx stimulates the circulatory system; the nervous and immune systems are also bolstered by contact with the stone.

Emotionally, if you find yourself in a negative situation, onyx can take the bad energy around you and transform it in to something positive. If you are someone who has a hard time making decisions, wearing onyx can help you reach thoughtful, positive conclusions without draining you of energy because it helps allay your worries and concerns. For those who have difficulty with communication, onyx can help you feel more comfortable speaking in public and facing conflict because it provides strength and support to the wearer. Spiritually, it encourages us to look inward and consider what is important to us, which can help us achieve our goals with strength and feel that anything is possible.


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