The Power of Lapis

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If you want to wear a piece of jewelry that is going to grab someone’s attention, something made with Lapis Lazuli is a fantastic choice. Its bright, deep blue hue is pleasing to the eye, and the gold speckles in the stone, called inclusions, make the blue hues even more complex. Lapis, a semi-precious stone that in ancient times was mined in Afghanistan, is composed of three different minerals – lazurite, calcite, sodalite and pyrite. In the past, Lapis was ground into a powder to create the highly sought-after pigment, ultramarine, which was used to by Renaissance painters to color the robes of the Virgin Mary, to symbolize holiness and humility. It also represents royalty and honor, spirit and vision, truth and wisdom.

In terms of its emotional/psychological impact on the wearer of Lapis, it is said to encourage the use of good judgment as well as help with problem-solving and analysis. Lapis is said to improve memory and allow for improved self-expression, which is also why it is considered a stone of friendship. Buddhists recommend Lapis to bring one a sense of inner peace and release from negative thoughts.

As for physical ailments, wearing lapis helps enhance circulation, lower one’s blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and steady the rhythm of the heart. If you are prone to episodes of vertigo or battles with insomnia, lapis may help you feel more stable, balanced, and put your mind at ease so you can sleep better. People who experience eye infections should put a heated lapis stone over the area to help relieve the inflammation.


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